Constructing A Hospital Or A Tomb?

9 ABC/ KCRG @KCRG – Mar 5 Picture from @scandbq of most recent explosion from the @BNSFRailway derailment fire south of Galena. Galena, Illinois: March 6, 2015

The United States (DOT) in 2012 created an EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDEBOOK for 1st responders during the initial phase of-Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials transportation incident. It designates a ½ mile radius on any train track route used to transport flammable oil & toxic materials as an Evacuation~“RED ZONE”.

However, that has not halted a ring of overbearing elected officials & community leaders to build a Utica hospital downtown, within that known Train Toxic Spill-Evacuation “RED ZONE”.
Building a Utica hospital downtown is like knowingly building a Nuclear Power Plant on a dormant volcano site or earthquake fault line.

However, the back-room relentless aggressive tactics that have been used, from the beginning by this group to spend a half billion dollars to build in an Evacuation~“RED ZONE”, rank at the top of reckless & sinister schemes to date. Hundreds of bed-ridden patients & people on operating tables would be trapped.

A St. Luke’s~College Medical Center is the true vision. However, citizens are continually threatened that if the hospital is not built in the Evacuation~RED ZONE it will not be built anywhere.
Would Governor Cuomo allow them to continue, if he knew? Let him know.

1-518-474-8390, 9 to 5.

Frank Vescera

Lockwood Law


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