Hooked on Cold Case

I am a creature of habit when it comes to watching cable television. I tend to limit my viewing to shows that are intelligently done, with good plots and acting.  One of my favorite shows is the now discontinued series, Cold Case.  The show focused on “cold cases” or investigations, which were not being actively pursued by the department. At the end of each episode, the spirit of the victim would be seen by one of the detectives and accompanied by a song meant to symbolize the period in which the killing took place.

I never tired of repeatedly watching episodes of Cold Case, even though I knew how they were going to end. I have asked myself, why I was constantly drawn to watch this show. Cold Case allowed me to embrace the promise of eternity; that there is something more beyond our physical deaths.


The Evolution of Our Souls

If we live long enough, we are going to face a variety of challenges, many of which are presented as a result of catastrophic losses. From my perception, catastrophic losses are those that defy the natural order of the universe, and/or are life altering.  My catastrophic loss occurred on March 1, 2003, when my 18-year-old daughter Jeannine died due to an aggressive and rare form of cancer.

In order for me to fully integrate the death of my daughter into my current life, I needed to embrace a new set of rules, many of which were based on sacred law, or laws that govern the development and evolution of our souls.  Books such as Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, and Life on the Other Side, by Sylvia Browne and The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan, have reinforced among other things that any challenges defining our physical lifetimes exist for the evolution of our souls and those souls that are a part of our earthly dance.  If we view our time on earth from the perspective of soul learning, we can come to realize that we are all in service to each other. So, it is possible that even the person or person with the characteristics we perceive to be the most distasteful can yield rich lessons for our souls.  And these are the teachings that we can build upon the day that our promise of eternity becomes a reality.


Heaven on Earth

Jeannine has given me numerous signs of her presence since her rebirth into a new existence.   Her communications through signs further reinforce the promise of eternity.  However, I have also asked the universe to make known those individuals who can help me see the rich connections that occur with signs and other events that occur in our physical world.  The universe fulfilled my request and continues to do so today. To be able to welcome these types of thinkers into my life now, allows me to be the creator of my own heaven on earth during this current physical incarnation of my soul.


For Now, Eternity Can Wait

For a period of time after Jeannine’s death, I wanted eternity to begin almost immediately. I wasn’t suicidal; I just had a strong desire to be with my daughter.  Many individuals I have talked with, who have experienced catastrophic loss share this same desire.  Today I am in no hurry to start eternity. I know that the promise of eternity will come to fruition when my purpose on earth is fulfilled and not a moment sooner. My daughter has exposed me to rich teachings about life, death and the value of my life.  I also believe that it was part Jeannine’s contract to teach me that love and relationships can exist on the other side.  Because of her unconditional love and teachings, I have given her permission to grow outside of the continued bond that we share and in the process to become a part of the universal intelligence that guides those who walk in awareness, to do so with honor and integrity. This wish that I have for my daughter’s continued growth and evolution in her new life is the greatest gift that I can give her. It is also the greatest gift that I can give to myself, for it is the gift of peace.

Dave Roberts, LMSW is a retired addiction professional and an adjunct professor of psychology at Utica College. He is a HuffPost contributor and a speaker on grief and loss locally and nationally. Dave is also the chapter leader for The Compassionate Friends of the Mohawk Valley. Dave may be contacted at; bootsyandangel@gmail.com

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