In light of recent questions and news coverage generated by the foreclosure and subsequent sale of 1500 Miller Street, the Eldora Mosely home, I have written a statement and enclosed a timeline to inform future stories. 
“After much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to support the Urban Renewal Agency’s decision to sell the home on the corner of Miller and Arthur Streets, which formerly belonged to Eldora Mosley. I’ve known Mrs. Mosley for 40 years and this decision pains me.  However, this is the second time in the last 10 years the city has taken the home for delinquent taxes. 
The first time, in 2006, the Urban Renewal Agency and the City sold the property to Mrs. Mosley’s son so that she could remain in the home. The law at that time prohibited Mrs. Mosely from buying the property back. The purchase price was a fraction of the total taxes owed on the property. In this most recent case, myself and the city have granted Mrs. Mosely several extensions and negotiating opportunities to try to resolve the issue. 
Though this situation has been challenging on many levels, I don’t think we’d be acting fairly if we continue to make accommodations for Mrs. Mosley that we don’t make for everyone else.  I believe we must apply the law fairly and justly regardless of race, age or relationship to the well connected.
In doing so, I think it will yield the best results for my neighborhood, our city and, ultimately, Ms. Mosely.  I will continue to work with the city and all partners to help Mrs. Mosely find housing options that are suitable and sustainable to her needs and her means.”  – Bill Phillips, councilman, 5th Ward. 
  • 2/9/06        City foreclosed on Willie & Eldora Mosely for back taxes.
  • 7/26/06      Urban Renewal sells to Gary Mosley *back then owner who lost property was not allowed to purchase it back.
  • 3/6/16        City foreclosed on Gary Mosley for back taxes.
  • 3/22/16      Eldora and family members served with 30 day eviction by City Marshall. *During this time many phone calls and personal meetings were held with various members of the Mosley family and URA staff members explaining the process and helping them through it.
  • 4/6/17        Eldora pays rent for April ($700)
  • 4/11/17      Eldora/Willie/Gary Mosley put in an application for $5000.00
  • 5/517         Katerin Pimental puts in application for $5500.00
  • 5/25/17      Property goes before URA board – Bill Phillips made a motion to table for 2 weeks to allow  Ms. Mosley to come up with the money to cover price.
  • 6/8/17       Property goes back before URA board – Mike Mahoney made a motion to table for another 2 weeks to allow Ms. Mosely time to acquire more funds.
  • 6/22/17      Property went before the Board again and was sold to Katerin Pimental.
  • Ms. Mosely only showed $2,580.00 on a bank statement from March 2017 (nothing else).
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