Venus in your sign will make you popular and magnetic.  Helping you to attract just the right opportunities and people your way.  Others see you as prosperous, so they want to be around you or invest in your ideas.  Practice the law of attraction. 


Mars in your money house  helps you to gain more or earn more. Trust your intuition to make smart decisions.  Your health will improve but love life might be stressful due to a harsh aspect between your ruler Venus and Pluto.  Next month, will be better so focus on self improvement till then.
Mars in your sign, means you’ll have more confidence and energy to pursue your goals.  Although Saturn is testing your relationships, you will at least be able to find clarity now. This can be a time of endings or new beginnings.  With Pluto retrograde research your options.  The new moon on May 25, will help you decide.
In general, health and energy will be stronger this month. Venus in your professional sign shows support of friends and family in the career.  Love is not a major interest this month, but nevertheless seems happy. It is not a time for major love decisions though – your love planet Saturn is retrograde.


Life slows down, so enjoy the flow.  Finances look good.  Only avoid risky investments or gambling.  Meanwhile career is looking up.  Mercury moving direct will help you sort out financial issues and benefit from or while traveling.


The career is furthered by charitable and altruistic activities. These are good in their own right, but this month will actually help the career – help your public status.  Your financial planet Venus can help you pay down debt and for eliminating financial waste.  If you have good business ideas there are outside investors waiting for your call.


Venus will be in your partnership sign the entire month.  This marks a favorable time for your relationships.  You may find more support from others during the phase.  If you’re in business for yourself, you clientele will continue to increase.  
On May 10, the full moon will take place in your sign. This marks a time to focus on your emotional well being and create more harmony with others. Also on the same day the north node will enter your professional sign, this will help you gain in your career.


Saturn retrograde in your sign is still testing you on many levels.  Review your finances, friendships and relationships.  Your health may require more attention this month. Cultivate patience, avoid disputes, rest and you will do fine.


Your finances increase and you may have good financial ideas. Perhaps you’re spending more on health but you can earn from this as well. There is good communication with the money people. Your spouse, partner or current love has good financial intuition. Financial guidance will come to them in dreams or through psychics, spiritual channels or spiritual types.

Love is still close to home this month. There is more socializing from home and with family members. Love opportunities can come through family members or family connections. This is a good period to review your old love experiences and look at them from your present perspective. Much healing will happen and many psychological obstructions to love can be resolved.


Focus on getting your home and domestic situation in order. Do your best to make it stable. This will enable future career success to happen.  There is luck in speculations. There can be pay rises at work. A parent or parent figure is unusually generous.  Love opportunities can be found in your neighborhood, and most likely there will be more socializing with neighbors.
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