At a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning, Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri unveiled 12 new fitness stations around the 2.2 mile perimeter of the South Woods Switchback trail.

The Utica Roadrunners oversaw and coordinated the project as it wanted to attract a larger population of residents to promote fitness and training.  The 12 stations are specifically designed exercises for both walkers and runners to provide a well-balanced fitness routine for the entire body. The stations are spaced throughout the South Woods loop so participants can go from one station to the next performing specific exercises, which are well illustrated with attractive signage.

The fitness stations are a result of strong partnerships among many community entities.

With the help of Dr. George Searles and David Jones, the Utica Roadrunners secured a $5,000 community impact grant from the American Heart Association and a $2,900 grant from The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties.

The Roadrunners contributed $1,000 to complete the necessary funding and the City of Utica’s DPW provided the installation of all the stations.

Mayor Palmieri stated, “I commend and thank the Utica Roadrunners and all the community partners who once again stepped to the plate to enhance the quality of life for our residents.”


David Jones of the Utica Roadrunners stated, “I have always been amazed to meet people who live within one mile of Roscoe Conkling Park but have never been exposed to the beauty of The South Woods. The switchbacks trail is indeed a gem within our community and now, with these new fitness stations and recently built pavilion, we hope this becomes a destination for walkers, runners, and families to enjoy the outdoors close to home.”

Alicia Dicks, President and CEO of The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties stated, “Advancing the health and well-being of our community can only be accomplished when residents have access to tools and resources they need to succeed. The fitness stations are a great example of how we can help community members embrace a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.”

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