Supporting the Utica City School District to Receive the Proper Funding They Deserve

WHEREAS; the Utica City School District has been named the third poorest school district in New York State; and

WHEREAS; using the State’s own aid formula, the district is being denied millions of dollars in much-needed state aid funding.  This shortfall in funding has occurred for many consecutive years while the district has continued to grow in student population; and

WHEREAS; the receipt of a proper education by this large student population is essential to the current and future well-being of our community so that our students will be able to contribute in a positive way.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce supports the Utica City School District’s efforts to secure its fair share of state aid that it has been entitled to but denied for far too many years.

Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization comprised of business and business-oriented members dedicated to the development of a prosperous economic climate that will enhance commercial growth and the quality of life for all who reside in the Greater Utica Area.


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