Jenny Lynch is one of New York’s most admired and innovative astrologers, with 30 years of teaching and astrological consulting experience. Her expertise lies in predictive, relationship and relocation astrology

By: Jenny Lynch


It’s time to gain clarity and bring more balance to your life. Draw a circle in your mind. Put everything you desire inside and everything you don’t on the outside. Realize you can’t reach your target without setting goals. Then draw your bow.


With Mars in your sign, you’ll feel confident and ready to make things happen. Then on April 26, once the new moon takes place in your sign – expect new opportunities to emerge. Still no need to rush anything as next month promises to be even better for you!


It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy! On April 21, Mars will enter your sign for the first time in 2 years. This will boost your energy, desire, and drive. Life is short. If there’s something you want you don’t already have – it’s time to go get it!


On April 10, a full moon will take place in Libra, your domestic sign and Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus, your social sign. While the moon shines a light on how to improve family relations and your living situation, don’t be surprised if Mercury brings news about long lost friends.


Fellow Leo, Jennifer Lawrence says she needs to feel excited about something when she wakes up in morning! And if you’re true to your sign, you do too. Luckily, you’re likely to find many reasons to be excited this month. One special day will be April 14 – plan a party or attend an event!


Because your ruler Mercury will go retrograde this month, you’ll have a chance to turn things around. Being a Virgo, your more comfortable helping others than yourself. But just now – it’s best you focus on your personal needs so you can grow strong!


On April 10, a full moon will take place in your sign. This signals a time for a change. Once your ruler Venus moves forward on April 14, you’ll begin to find opportunities to make your life more full-filling and joyful!


Now is the time to take stock of your finances and investments. On April 6, Saturn will turn retrograde in your money sign, helping you to find ways to earn more or save more. You will be wise to stick to a budget and avoid unnecessary spending. The stars say next month you may need to make a big purchase, so save up before then.


Saturn retrograde in your sign marks a time for self-improvement. If you’ve been thinking of trying a new diet, exercise or daily routine, begin it on April 26, once the new moon takes place in your wellness sign. As anything you do at that time is likely to bring long lasting results.


On April 10, a full moon in your professional sign will help you find ways to improve your career. If you’ve been looking for a new position, you may finally hear the news. Once the new moon takes place on April 26, you’ll find life more enjoyable. If you’re single you could even meet someone new!


On April 14, the Sun will meet with your ruler Uranus in your communication sign and Venus will turn direct in your money sign. This should be an eventful time for you – expect to hear good news! If you’ve been experiencing money problems, Venus will help you find ways to earn more or benefit from others.


This month Venus will meet with Chiron, the wounded healer in your sign. This marks a special and spiritual time to heal yourself by forgiving others. So let it all go! Once you do, you will experience an emotional release that enables you to live more freely than ever before.

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