By: Rayann Czarnecki

Born in Chicago Illinois in 1968 Malik Abdul Shabazz was destined to become a professional athlete. Entering this world with the gift of height, good looks, and charm, a triple threat in the world of professional sports, he was a sure bet. He attained the status of All-American in college and took his talents overseas to Holland to play professional basketball. After returning to the States his professional dream was ended by an industrial accident in which he lost several fingers. Being raised Christian he turned to his faith for answers but received no comfort only more unanswered questions.

In 1994 Malik found the fullness of truth in the teaching of the Islamic faith, and his life direction was changed forever. He authored several books including “Jesus Who are You “ and “ Unmasking Christianity “ and is also known for his public speaking on subjects including “History, not HI -Story “, and “Black History “. His desire to educate people on the true history of Black America gave birth to 4orty Acres Apparel for Your Mind in 2012. He produces a clothing line whose main purpose is to educate the public on the true Black History of this country and the need for Reparations which is long overdue. He addresses subjects like police brutality, racial profiling, and the 3/5 of a human being, the Jim Crow laws and much more. Each shirt is printed with a message to inform and educate .4forty Acres’ message is for everyone, his apparel deals with the past and everyday injustices.

His desire to inform and educate is routed in his company 4orty Acres Apparel for Your Mind. He hopes in the future to expand his message to footwear that will carry the logo and the message for all. Malik Abdul Shabazz today still plays basketball with the boys on Sundays and is a personal trainer and an outstanding athlete. The loss to the world of sports was a win for the fight for equality for all Black America.
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