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Celebrate Our Fathers

Utica Phoenix June Series Celebrating Our Fathers

Men are not generally known for their outward expressions of love and affection. And our society is not known for making nearly as much fuss over Father’s Day as it does for Mother’s Day.

In partnership with the Upstate Fathers and Families, the Rotary International Fatherhood Initiative and the ongoing, “It takes a man to be a dad” campaign, For The Good, Inc. through the Utica Phoenix presents the series Celebrating Our Fathers.

The four weeks of the month of June will provide our region with a glimpse into the hearts and minds of men as fathers and sons. The Utica Phoenix will feature the ‘Love Letters’ of select fathers written to their children and will publish numbers of these letters every week for the entire month.

The Phoenix will show case positive examples of and celebrate fatherhood. You will see a photograph of participating fathers included with their letters. Adult men will also be encouraged to write about their own fathers as well.

The series will introduce James Scutchins, V.P. of For The Good, Inc. and his story. A divorced, African American, James is a single father who successfully fought and won child support from his ex-wife when she left town and carries on his own private family and child counseling service while his son and daughter are now both in college.

This series will provide statistics, programs, services, and resources for fathers and identify agencies providing assistance for fathers and their families. Upstate Fathers and Families will provide statistics on fatherhood to include in the series.

Through the 4 week series, any and all fathers will be encouraged to write in about their love for their children and encouraged to look to the Phoenix for resources. The Phoenix will post as many as possible online of those not able to fit on the printed page.

Month-long advertising sponsorship has already been committed by Symeon’s Restaurant  and Upstate Fathers and Families. Local business leaders will be encouraged write their own letters on fatherhood and to support the series by advertising in the June editions of the Utica Phoenix.

Fathers and sons are encouraged to submit their love letters to the Utica Phoenix throughout the month. Click the links below for instructions and tips on how to write a love letter. For any questions, please contact the Utica Phoenix at (315) 797-2417 or e-mail

Tips for Fathers Writing Love letters to their Children

Tips for Writing Love letters about your own Father